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By Mick
so whats yours? how did you get to this point?

well mine started in 1983ish, i was sorta behind the times, my first console was an atari 2600, which i loved, when all my friends had spectrum 128k machines i had a commadore 64, they all moved onto amiga 500`s and by thee time i got one they all had new consoles, the megadrive!! by the time i had a snes they had all moved onto nintendo 64`ss. then it happened.....the playstation!!

by then i`d already moved onto a pc but i never lost my love of gaming, today its gone to a place where we coul;d never have imagined in 1983 but its been fun getting here.

so whats your story?
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By Crow
I was pretty much born with video games. My father was a computer science major so naturally he had some interest in video games. He played tons of Star Fox and Zelda and he wanted me to have the same experiences. He got me a Game Boy and an N64 and it just kept gong from there. Video games have been my main form of entertainment along with the computer and hopefully I'll eventually be able to get into a bit of game design in the future.