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By funnybell
Bug Eye McGee decided to visit his grandfather, Old Eyes McGee, one day. He travelled far to reach his shack in a deserted area of Krawk Island. Bug Eye McGee was surprised to find Old Eyes McGee more irritable than usual. After asking him what the problem was, Old Eyes McGee gave this reply.

"I cannot sleep! Two o' them sits on me roof, singin' all night. One o' them can peek but th' other canna, unless ye give th' lad a letter. Both can spell pirate better than ye or I!"

Bug Eye McGee, not understanding his grandfather's words, decided to wait until nightfall to see for himself.

What was on the roof of Old Eyes McGee's shack?

Pirakeet and Piraket seem to be the answer to #462.
You can spell "pirate" from both, and from one you can spell "peek".
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